11 Best Valencia Wines in 2023: Must-Try Wines Of Valencia, Spain


Valencia, a sun-drenched region nestled along the southeastern coast of Spain, has a viticultural history that unfurls over centuries, offering a vibrant tapestry of stories encapsulated within the depths of each wine glass. In the timeline of Spanish winemaking, Valencia carves out a substantial niche, renowned for its prodigious output and the distinctly exquisite character of its wines.

Over the years, Valencia has blossomed into an eminent figure in the Spanish wine industry, shouldering a legacy of wine production that blends tradition with innovation. The region boasts a plethora of vineyards, each offering a unique narrative and a symphony of flavors, deeply entrenched in the terroirs of the vibrant Valencian lands. Its role in the Spanish wine industry is not just substantial but also central, offering a range of wines that are as diverse as they are delightful.

An expedition through Valencia’s wine regions is akin to a melodious symphony, where each note brings a different texture and emotion to the fore. These regions are a celebration of diversity, offering a gamut of wine varieties that cater to every palate, from the lush and verdant areas of Utiel-Requena to the picturesque and evocative vistas of Alicante. Here, wine production is more than an industry; it’s an art form steeped in tradition and enriched by the sands of time.

As we delve deeper into 2023, the vibrant mosaic of Valencia’s wine regions continues to be a haven for wine aficionados and novices alike, promising an experience that is both enriching and exhilarating. Let us embark on a journey that promises not just the finest wines but a peek into a culture that celebrates life at its fullest, one glorious sip at a time.

How to Understand Valencian Wines?

To truly appreciate the brilliance of Valencian wines, one must first delve into their unique characteristics that set them apart in the global wine sphere.

Characteristics of Valencian Wines

Valencian wines bring a bouquet of multifaceted tastes to the table. They range from robust, full-bodied reds to vibrant and crisp whites. The rosé wines, with their delicate hints of fruitiness, are also a delight in this region. Many Valencian wines are noted for their exquisite balance, where tradition meets modernity, resulting in flavors that are both timeless and innovative.

Climate Influence

The climate of Valencia plays a pivotal role in the characteristic profile of its wines. Nestled by the Mediterranean, the region enjoys a warm climate with an abundance of sunshine, tempered by the refreshing sea breezes. This maritime influence, combined with distinct soil types, gifts the wines with a nuanced complexity, showcasing a delightful interplay between acidity and sweetness, producing grapes that are ripe, robust, and bursting with flavor.

Popular Grape Varieties

Valencia is home to a wealth of grape varieties that make up the rich tapestry of its wine production. Monastrell holds a significant position, known for producing deeply colored, rich red wines with a notable structure. Other popular varieties include Tempranillo, a Spanish classic, and Garnacha, which often brings a luscious fruitiness to the wines. White wine varieties are not left behind, with Moscatel leading the charge, offering aromatic and floral wines, perfect for the warm Valencian evenings.

Wine Production Techniques

Over centuries, Valencia has honed and refined its wine production techniques, striking a harmonious balance between age-old traditions and modern innovations. Ancient methods of fermentation and aging are still revered, with many vineyards housing centennial casks that tell tales of the wine’s journey through time. Simultaneously, the embrace of modern technology ensures precision and consistency in production, giving birth to wines that are both expressive and of exceptional quality.

Valencian Wine Regions

As we venture further into the heart of the Valencian wine territory, it becomes essential to cast a spotlight on the eminent wine regions that have sculpted Valencia’s rich wine legacy. Here, we delve into the prominent areas – Utiel-Requena, Alicante, and Valencia D.O., each bringing its unique offerings to the grand wine tableau of Valencia.


Nestled in the western part of Valencia, Utiel-Requena is a beacon of red wine production, primarily attributed to the widespread cultivation of the Bobal grape variety. This ancient vine-growing region is characterized by a continental climate, wherein hot summers and cold winters nurture grapes with a remarkable concentration of flavors and a robust structure. The wines emanating from this region are known for their depth, offering complex bouquets that range from spicy to fruity notes, with a touch of Mediterranean herbaceousness. With a legacy rooted in viticulture dating back to the 7th century BC, Utiel-Requena stands as a testament to Valencia’s timeless wine narrative.


The Alicante wine region, perched along the southeastern coastline of Spain, presents a picturesque tapestry where the vineyards kiss the Mediterranean Sea. This region is famed for its diverse wine portfolio, including Monastrell reds that carry a profound intensity and a delightful palette of Rosé wines. Moreover, Alicante is renowned for its sweet dessert wines, which have garnered a faithful following for their rich, luscious notes of dried fruits and spices. The climate here, influenced by the sea, promotes a longer growing season, fostering grapes with a balanced acidity and an inviting freshness that is synonymous with Alicante wines.

Valencia D.O.

The Valencia D.O (Denominación de Origen) represents a versatile wine region, where tradition and modernity coalesce harmoniously. Situated in proximity to the city of Valencia, this region accommodates a broad spectrum of microclimates and terrains, encouraging a vibrant diversity in its wine portfolio. From crisp, aromatic whites crafted from Merseguera and Malvasia varieties to robust reds echoing the richness of Tempranillo and Garnacha, Valencia D.O offers a delightful exploration of flavors and styles. The region is also making strides in organic wine production, presenting a range of biodynamic wines that embody purity and a genuine representation of the terroir.

As we anticipate the wonders that 2023 has in store, these regions stand prepared to enchant wine enthusiasts with an array of exceptional Valencian wines, each narrating a unique story of its provenance and craftsmanship. In the next section, we shall unveil the 11 best Valencia wines that 2023 has to offer, promising a journey of sensory delight and cultural immersion.

Top 11 Valencian Wines to Try in 2023

Bodegas Mustiguillo Mestizaje

Winery Background

Bodegas Mustiguillo is revered as one of the pioneering estates that embarked on a journey to redefine the Valencian wine scene. Nestled in the Terres dels Alforins, a pristine sub-region of Valencia, this winery has been steadfast in showcasing the native grape variety, Bobal, in its full glory. The Mustiguillo Mestizaje, a symbol of heritage and innovation, is a wine crafted with passion and a genuine respect for the land.

Wine Characteristics

The Mestizaje greets you with a welcoming and vibrant hue, a captivating tapestry of rich garnet tones that hint at its depth and complexity. On the nose, it unveils a captivating bouquet of red and black fruits, harmoniously melded with floral notes and a hint of Mediterranean herbs. As it graces your palate, it displays a remarkable balance between robustness and elegance. The taste unfolds in layers, offering notes of cherry, plum, and a touch of black pepper, framed beautifully with a subtle hint of oak that lends a spicy undertone. The tannins are well-integrated, giving way to a finish that is long, graceful, and slightly mineral, evoking the unique terroir from which it hails.

Food Pairing Suggestions

To fully appreciate the artistry encapsulated in a bottle of Mestizaje, one would do well to pair it with dishes that echo its robust yet refined nature. It pairs splendidly with hearty meat dishes, such as a slow-cooked lamb shoulder or a classic Spanish paella with a mix of meats and spices. For a vegetarian option, consider a grilled vegetable lasagna, where the rich tomato sauce and the earthiness of the vegetables resonate beautifully with the wine’s fruit notes.

Bodegas Vegalfaro Rebel·lia

Winery Background

Bodegas Vegalfaro stands as a testament to Valencia’s commitment to combining tradition with contemporary innovation. Located at the heart of the Utiel-Requena region, it garners a reputation for crafting wines that are both expressive and authentic. Their dedication to organic and biodynamic farming practices further reinforces their pledge to produce wines that are true representations of the region’s terroir. The Rebel·lia range, in particular, mirrors the youthful and revolutionary spirit that the winery embodies.

Wine Characteristics

The Bodegas Vegalfaro Rebel·lia is a dynamic and vibrant wine that catches your eye with its radiant and youthful ruby color. At the first whiff, it offers an exuberant explosion of fresh red fruits, where notes of strawberries and cherries take the center stage, complemented by nuances of violets and lilacs. The palate is greeted with a delightful freshness, as the wine dances gracefully with lively acidity and a medium-bodied profile. The tannins are soft and rounded, making it incredibly approachable, a young wine that carries an infectious joy within every sip. Despite its vivacity, there lies a complexity that unfolds as hints of spice and minerals whisper tales of the rich Valencian soils it originates from.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Given its bright and effervescent nature, the Rebel·lia pairs wonderfully with a range of dishes, from casual to gourmet. Consider pairing it with tapas, where its freshness can cut through the richness of dishes like patatas bravas or chorizo. Its fruity profile also makes it a delightful companion to slightly spicy Asian dishes, offering a refreshing counterpoint to the spices. On a lighter note, a Mediterranean salad with fresh greens, olives, and feta cheese would work beautifully, where the wine’s acidity and the salad’s freshness can create a harmonious symphony.

Celler del Roure Vermell

Winery Background

Nestled in the picturesque valleys of Valencia, the Celler del Roure has cultivated a profound respect for the ancient winemaking traditions of the region. Established in the 1990s, it has pioneered the resurrection of almost forgotten native grape varieties, emphasizing organic cultivation methods. Their ancient underground cellars, dating back to the 17th century, have become symbolic of their philosophy of harmonizing the old with the new, showcasing the depth and complexity of Valencian wines.

Wine Characteristics

The Vermell, a name that means ‘red’ in Valencian, stands as a vibrant testament to the winery’s philosophy of reinvigorating traditional winemaking with a modern touch. Crafted predominantly from the Mando grape, a nearly forgotten local variety, it presents a radiant ruby hue in the glass. The nose is immediately greeted by a bouquet of red fruits, with notable impressions of cherries and wild strawberries, intermingled with whispers of Mediterranean herbs and floral notes. On the palate, it’s a journey through lush landscapes, as the wine unveils layers of fresh fruits complemented by a subtle spice undertone. It offers a medium-bodied experience, where balanced acidity meets soft, yet structured tannins, creating a harmonious yet vibrant profile that keeps you coming back for more.

Food Pairing Suggestions

The Vermell, with its vibrant and versatile personality, pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. Its fruity and slightly herbaceous profile makes it an excellent companion to grilled vegetables, where its acidity can balance the charred flavors seamlessly. For a traditional Spanish pairing, consider dishes like paella or a hearty chorizo stew, where the wine’s freshness can cut through the richness, offering a balanced dining experience. Additionally, it can be a delightful pairing with a cheese platter, where its vibrant character can complement both hard and soft cheeses, creating a symphony of flavors and textures on your palate.

Vicente Gandia Bo Bobal Unico

Winery Background

As one of the pioneering family-owned wineries in the Valencian region, Vicente Gandia is synonymous with innovation and quality. Established in the late 19th century, the winery has carved out a reputation for crafting wines that speak of the terroir’s uniqueness, with a keen focus on promoting indigenous grape varieties. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has positioned them as a benchmark in the Spanish wine scene, continually garnering accolades and recognition on the international stage.

Wine Characteristics

The Bo Bobal Unico unfolds the richness and depth of the Bobal grape, a variety native to Utiel-Requena region in Valencia. This grape is known for producing wines with great structure and intensity. On pouring, you are greeted with a deep, garnet hue that hints at its complexity. The aroma offers a symphony of dark fruits, with blackberries and plum taking the center stage, complemented by subtle notes of Mediterranean spices and a hint of oak. On the palate, the wine is a revelation, presenting a rich tapestry of flavors that mirror the nose, woven together with silky tannins that grant it an almost velvety mouthfeel. The finish is long, leaving a lingering trace of its intense profile, dotted with a fine balance of acidity and a hint of minerality, characteristic of the region’s soil.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Bo Bobal Unico’s rich and vibrant character finds its culinary match in dishes that hold a robust flavor profile. Think along the lines of a slow-cooked lamb shank, where the wine’s intense dark fruit flavors can mingle beautifully with the richness of the meat. For a vegetarian pairing, consider a mushroom risotto or a hearty eggplant parmesan, where the wine can lend a contrasting depth and richness, elevating the meal to a gourmet experience. The wine also shines when paired with mature cheeses and cured meats, where its intensity can stand up to the bold flavors, creating a harmonious balance that delights the senses.

Enrique Mendoza Santa Rosa Reserva

Winery Background

The Enrique Mendoza winery, established in the early 1970s, is a beacon of innovation and tradition in the Alicante wine region of Valencia. Built upon a philosophy of respect for the land and a continuous pursuit of quality, the winery stands as a testament to the potential of the Alicante terroir. The winery is particularly acclaimed for their deft use of Monastrell grape variety, a staple in the region, skillfully blending it with other varieties to create wines with striking depth and personality.

Wine Characteristics

The Santa Rosa Reserva is a flagship wine, often touted as the embodiment of Alicante’s viticultural potential. In your glass, you’ll discover a wine of majestic complexity, resulting from a thoughtful blend of Monastrell with other noble varieties. The bouquet blooms with an aromatic richness, where fragrances of dark cherries, dried figs, and sweet spices mingle in a captivating dance. This aromatic narrative continues on the palate, where it unfolds layers of lush fruitiness, nuanced with hints of tobacco and cocoa, bestowing a well-rounded complexity that beckons you to explore further. Its depth is mirrored in its structure, boasting a full body with velvety tannins that hold a long, luxurious finish, crowned with a refreshing minerality that speaks of its terroir.

Food Pairing Suggestions

The Santa Rosa Reserva, with its depth and complexity, commands dishes with equal fervor and flavor. Picture a sumptuous beef stew, where the wine’s rich fruit profile can intertwine with the meat’s savory notes, creating a gastronomic harmony that is simply divine. For a vegetarian pairing, think of a rich and creamy truffle pasta, where the wine can add layers of depth, complementing the dish’s umami notes. The wine also pairs beautifully with aged cheeses and charcuterie, where its complexity can be a perfect foil to the richness of the meats and cheeses, resulting in a dining experience that is both luxurious and memorable.

Dominio de la Vega Cava

Winery Background

The Dominio de la Vega winery is a noteworthy name in the sparkling wine domain of Spain. Nestled within the beautiful landscapes of Valencia, this winery has dedicated itself to harnessing the vivacity and freshness that the region can imprint on its wines. By combining traditional wine-making techniques with modern technology, they have mastered the craft of creating Cavas that can stand toe-to-toe with the best sparkling wines in the world.

Wine Characteristics

In the sparkling haven of Valencia, the Dominio de la Vega Cava shines as a beacon of freshness and elegance. As you pour this Cava into your glass, witness a cascade of fine bubbles rising steadily through a liquid of golden hue, a prelude to the symphony of sensations that awaits. On the nose, it greets you with an invigorating aroma of green apples, citrus blossoms, and a hint of fresh baker’s yeast, creating an olfactory profile that is as crisp as a morning breeze. The palate doesn’t fall behind, offering a lively and refreshing dance of tart green apple and citrus notes, buoyed by a fine, persistent effervescence that tingles your senses. The finish is clean and crisp, leaving a refreshing citrusy note lingering, beckoning you for another sip.

Food Pairing Suggestions

This sparkling delight calls for celebrations and joyful gatherings. Its crisp and fresh profile makes it an ideal companion to a wide variety of dishes. Imagine pairing it with a seafood paella, where the wine’s acidity and bubbles can cut through the richness of the dish, bringing forth a delightful contrast and balance. It is equally at home with light starters, think of a fresh garden salad drizzled with a citrus vinaigrette, where the wine can echo the freshness of the greens. And of course, it’s a classic pairing with canapés and tapas, making for a joyous and vibrant start to any meal. Its versatility also extends to desserts, where it can be a refreshing counterpoint to a rich and creamy lemon tart, creating a gastronomic finale that is both sweet and refreshing.

Bodega Sierra Norte Pasión de Bobal

Winery Background

Bodega Sierra Norte is a family-run winery situated in the heart of Utiel-Requena, a prominent wine region in Valencia. Through a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition, they have succeeded in crafting exceptional wines that vividly express the unique terroir of the region. Notably, their commitment to sustainable viticulture and respect for the environment echoes through their product range, with Pasión de Bobal being a stellar example of their dedication to quality.

Wine Characteristics

Pasión de Bobal reveals the majestic potential of the Bobal grape, a native variety that has been nurtured in the Valencian soil for centuries. This wine showcases a deep ruby color, hinting at the rich tapestry of flavors concealed within. As you take a sip, your palate is greeted by a robust and voluptuous body, where dark fruits like plums and blackberries take the center stage, embraced by gentle nuances of spices and a hint of cocoa. The wine displays a well-rounded structure with velvety tannins and a moderate acidity, making for a balanced and harmonious drinking experience. The finish is warm and lingering, leaving a trace of ripe fruits and a whisper of spice in its wake.

Food Pairing Suggestions

This wine stands as a formidable companion to a variety of hearty dishes. Imagine pairing it with a slow-cooked lamb stew, where the wine’s richness can harmonize with the succulent flavors of the meat. Its fruity character also makes it a delightful pair with grilled vegetables, drizzled with a balsamic reduction, creating a beautiful medley of sweet and savory notes. For a classic Spanish pairing, serve it alongside a plate of Manchego cheese and Iberian ham, allowing the wine’s fruity notes to complement the salty and umami flavors of the meal. Don’t shy away from pairing it with desserts; its rich profile can stand up to a dark chocolate tart, creating a luxurious ending to your dining experience.

Bodegas Murviedro Vox Natura

Winery Background

Located in the picturesque Valencia region, Bodegas Murviedro holds a rich legacy of winemaking that harmonizes tradition with innovation. Their commitment to creating wines that echo the spirit of the region’s terroir is well manifested in their Vox Natura line, which stands as a testament to their dedication to sustainable and organic viticulture. This winery takes pride in nurturing the vines in a manner that respects the earth and its natural cycles, resulting in wines that are a genuine reflection of the land’s essence.

Wine Characteristics

Bodegas Murviedro Vox Natura welcomes you with an enticing bouquet of red fruits, intermingled with a gentle hint of spice and earthy undertones, characteristic of the Valencia region’s terroir. The wine embodies a harmonious profile, where the sweetness of ripe cherries and berries is perfectly balanced with a touch of pepper and cinnamon spice, creating a dynamic and captivating taste experience. As you swirl the wine in your glass, notice its vibrant ruby hue, a visual feast that mirrors its lively and spirited personality. On the palate, it exhibits a medium body with soft tannins and a refreshing acidity, making for a wine that is both approachable and satisfying, with a depth that invites exploration.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Vox Natura serves as a versatile companion to a myriad of culinary delights. It would harmonize beautifully with Mediterranean dishes, where its fruitiness can complement the fresh and herbal notes commonly found in the cuisine. Picture it accompanying a vegetable paella, where its vibrant fruit profile can echo the dish’s freshness. It also pairs wonderfully with grilled meats; envision a pairing with a rosemary-infused lamb chop, where the wine’s spicy undertones can enhance the herby flavors of the dish. For a casual yet delightful pairing, serve it alongside a cheese platter, featuring a selection of semi-cured cheeses, allowing the wine to create a beautiful contrast with the creamy and salty notes. And don’t forget to consider it as a partner to spicy dishes, where its balanced profile can provide a refreshing counterpoint to the heat.

Chozas Carrascal Las Ocho

Winery Background

Chozas Carrascal, situated amidst the stunning landscapes of Valencia, is a family-owned winery, renowned for their innovation and excellence in the art of winemaking. Garnering a reputation as one of Valencia’s distinguished wineries, their approach marries scientific knowledge with a passion for creating wines that encapsulate the vibrant personality of the region. The “Las Ocho” stands as a brilliant testament to their expertise, bringing together eight different grape varieties in a symphony of flavors and aromas that make for a complex yet harmonious wine experience.

Wine Characteristics

As you uncork a bottle of Chozas Carrascal Las Ocho, prepare to embark on a sensory journey that paints a vivid tableau of Valencia’s diverse terroir. This wine, an intricate blend of eight grape varieties, each lends its unique note to create a rich tapestry of flavors and aromas. The first sip unfolds a lush medley of red and black fruits, intertwined with notes of Mediterranean herbs and a subtle hint of vanilla derived from its time spent aging in oak barrels. The palate is treated to a rich and complex profile, where layers of flavors unfold gradually, revealing nuances of spices, dried fruits, and a whisper of mineral notes indicative of its terroir. The texture is silky yet structured, with a well-rounded body that carries the flavors to a long, satisfying finish.

Food Pairing Suggestions

The Las Ocho pairs magnificently with a range of dishes that mirror its complexity and depth. Imagine serving it alongside a roasted duck breast adorned with a berry compote, where the wine’s fruity notes resonate with the sweet-tart flavor of the sauce. It also shines when paired with rich and hearty stews, offering a complementary backdrop to the earthy and savory tones of the dish. Its layered profile makes it a splendid partner to a cheese board, featuring an assortment of mature cheeses, allowing for an exciting interplay of flavors and textures. For a culinary experience that celebrates Valencia’s essence, pair it with a traditional paella, allowing the wine’s complexity to enhance the dish’s rich medley of flavors.

Neleman Organic Bobal

Winery Background

The Neleman winery, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Valencia, has carved out a niche in the Spanish wine industry with its commitment to organic and sustainable viticulture. The winery’s founder, Derrick Neleman, is driven by a philosophy that respects both the environment and the rich winemaking traditions of the region. This dedication reflects vividly in their wines, especially in their single-varietal offerings that put a spotlight on the native Bobal grape, demonstrating its potential to create wines of remarkable character and depth.

Wine Characteristics

The Neleman Organic Bobal is a tribute to the lush Valencian terroirs, capturing the essence of the Bobal grape in its most natural and vibrant state. The wine greets you with a radiant ruby hue, a visual prelude to the lively and fresh characteristics housed within. On the nose, it unveils a burst of fresh red berries, mingled with delicate floral notes and a hint of earthy undertones that speak of its organic roots. On the palate, it dances with a lively acidity, where flavors of cherry and strawberry play the central roles, supported by subtle hints of spices and herbs that add a layer of complexity. The texture is supple, with silky tannins that guide you to a clean and refreshing finish, leaving a lingering note of fruitiness that invites another sip.

Food Pairing Suggestions

The vibrant and fresh profile of Neleman Organic Bobal makes it a versatile companion at the dining table. Its fruity and slightly floral notes harmonize beautifully with Mediterranean dishes, offering a refreshing contrast to olive oil-based dishes or tomato-based sauces. Think of a plate of pasta garnished with fresh basil, where the wine adds a burst of freshness to each bite. It is equally delightful when paired with grilled vegetables, its bright acidity cutting through the charred flavors with grace. If you are looking to explore Spanish cuisine, pair this wine with a tapas spread, where its vibrancy complements a variety of flavors, from briny olives to smoky chorizo. For a casual yet delightful pairing, consider a picnic spread featuring a selection of fresh bread, cheeses, and cold cuts, allowing the wine to shine in its refreshing and approachable nature.

Los Frailes Monastrell

Winery Background
Los Frailes has been a staple in the wine community of Valencia for centuries. The winery, which can trace its winemaking roots back to the 18th century, sits within a vast expanse of vineyards where history and tradition are interwoven with modern techniques and sustainable practices. Having converted to organic farming in 2000 and biodynamic in 2006, Los Frailes remains a testament to nature-friendly viticulture, emphasizing the purest expression of its terroir and the Monastrell grape, which is central to the winery’s reputation.

Wine Characteristics
Los Frailes Monastrell captures the essence of the Valencian terroir and the distinct character of the Monastrell grape. In the glass, it presents a deep garnet color, hinting at the depth of flavors that await. The nose is immediately greeted by a medley of dark fruits, with blackberries and plums taking center stage, subtly underscored by hints of black pepper and leather, attesting to its maturity and depth. On the palate, this wine is rich and full-bodied, with velvety tannins that smoothly coat the mouth. Notes of dark cherry and cassis are intertwined with earthy undertones and a touch of vanilla. The finish is long and lingering, characterized by a hint of minerality and spice, paying homage to its Mediterranean roots.

Food Pairing Suggestions
Given its rich and robust profile, Los Frailes Monastrell pairs wonderfully with hearty dishes that can stand up to its weight and complexity. Think of Spanish classics like lamb stew or chorizo-infused dishes, where the wine’s dark fruit notes and spicy undertones complement the flavors. For a more international approach, consider dishes like grilled steaks, barbecue ribs, or duck confit, which would resonate with the wine’s depth and velvety texture. On the side, roasted vegetables or dishes with earthy mushrooms can highlight the wine’s earthy nuances. For cheese lovers, aged cheeses, especially those with a strong and pungent flavor, can be a delightful pairing, letting the wine and cheese play off each other’s strengths.

Where to Buy: Recommendations for Wine Shops in Valencia

  1. Vinoteca Vinostrum – Located in the heart of Valencia, this wine boutique offers an extensive selection of local wines, including those from smaller, boutique wineries, where you can find some hidden gems.
  2. Celler del Roure – This is not just a place where you can buy wines but also enjoy a historical winery tour. Their wine shop offers the very best of their production and other Valencian wines.
  3. Bodega Fila The Wine Shop Santa Cecilia – A well-established store in Valencia, where you can find a vast selection of Valencia wines and receive expert guidance from knowledgeable staff.
  4. Vino y Compañía – A popular wine shop with a friendly atmosphere, offering a broad range of wines from the Valencia region, including organic and biodynamic options.
  5. Colmado LaLola – A quaint shop with a good selection of Valencian wines, it also doubles as a tapas bar where you can pair your wine choices with delicious local dishes.

Online Platforms for Purchasing Valencian Wines

  1. Wine Searcher – A comprehensive online platform where you can find and compare prices on a wide array of Valencian wines from various retailers around the world.
  2. Decántalo – This online shop specializes in Spanish wines, offering a generous selection of wines from the Valencia region with international shipping options.
  3. Uvinum – Another great platform to explore a diverse range of Valencian wines, including user reviews and ratings to guide your choice.
  4. Bodeboca – A popular online marketplace for Spanish wines where you can find exclusive offers and a range of wines from Valencia.
  5. Vinissimus – Offering a curated selection of Spanish wines, including a substantial collection from the Valencian region, this platform also provides detailed information on each wine to help you make an informed choice.

Remember to always check the shipping policies and availability of the wines in your region when buying online. It’s also recommended to buy from well-established platforms or stores to ensure the authenticity and quality of the wine.

Tips for Choosing Valencian Wines

Reading the Wine Label

Understanding a wine label can greatly enhance your experience when selecting a Valencian wine. Here are some key elements to focus on:

  1. Denominación de Origen (D.O.): This indicates the specific wine region where the grapes were cultivated. In Valencia, look for labels such as Utiel-Requena, Alicante, or Valencia D.O.
  2. Grape Variety: Valencia is home to several indigenous grape varieties including Bobal, Monastrell, and Moscatel. Understanding these varieties can give you a clue about the wine’s flavor profile.
  3. Vintage: The year the grapes were harvested. A good vintage year means favorable weather conditions, which generally results in a better-quality wine.
  4. Producer: The name of the winery or producer can be a sign of quality, especially if you are familiar with or have researched notable names in the Valencian wine industry.

Price Ranges and Value

Choosing a wine does not necessarily mean that a higher price equates to better quality. Valencian wines offer great value at different price points. Here are some tips to get the best value:

  1. Research: Before making a purchase, do a little research on the various vineyards and what price range their wines typically fall into.
  2. Ask for Recommendations: If buying from a store, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations based on your budget. Store personnel are usually knowledgeable and can help you find a good value for your money.
  3. Tasting Events: Participate in wine tasting events if possible. These events provide a great opportunity to discover quality wines in various price ranges.
  4. Online Reviews and Ratings: Check online reviews and ratings from wine experts to guide your choice, but also trust your palate and preferences.
  5. Experiment with Lesser-Known Wines: Sometimes, lesser-known or new wineries offer excellent quality wines at a lower price point. Don’t be afraid to explore and find new favorites.

Remember, the best wine is not always the most expensive one, but the one that suits your taste preferences and complements the occasion or meal perfectly.


The picturesque region of Valencia, with its sun-kissed vineyards, stands as a testament to Spain’s vibrant and diverse wine culture. Renowned for its rich history and innovation in viticulture, Valencia continuously offers a delightful assortment of wines that cater to both novices and seasoned wine enthusiasts. From the robust and intense flavors of Bobal and Monastrell grape varieties to the crisp and fresh notes found in its revered Cavas, Valencian wines promise a captivating journey for your palate.

As you venture into the world of Valencian wines, you’re not just tasting a beverage, but experiencing a rich tradition that has been cultivated over centuries, infused with the passion and expertise of the region’s winemakers. It is an ever-evolving narrative, told through each bottle, reflecting the land, the climate, and the vibrant spirit of Valencia.

Moreover, the diverse range of Valencian wines ensures that there is something to suit every taste and occasion. Whether you are seeking an organic wine that echoes the nuances of its terroir or a complex blend that showcases the harmonious marriage of different grape varieties, Valencia has it all.

Therefore, we invite you to immerse yourself in the wine culture of Valencia. Explore the intricate tapestry of flavors, aromas, and textures that these wines have to offer. Whether you find yourself wandering through the vineyards of Utiel-Requena or savoring a glass at a local bodega in Alicante, let the rich heritage and contemporary innovations of Valencian wines inspire you.

Embark on this vinous journey and let each sip encourage you to explore further, delve deeper, and celebrate the rich tapestry of experiences that Valencian wines bring to your table. Here’s to discovering your new favorite wine in Valencia – Salud!

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